Kids Rooster Costume

Turn your little one in to a cute little rooster with this exclusive Kids Rooster Costume. It features a white rooster costume with tail feathers on the back and a hood with a beak.


Cock-a-Doodle-Doo!Did you know that a rooster doesn’t even need the light of day to know when it’s time to crow? Amazing, right? They’ve put roosters in darkened rooms without access to sunlight, and their internal clocks still know it’s morning! We wouldn’t mind having one of those clocks. Think how much you could get done if you were up at dawn daily…Of course, you don’t have to wonder. Your little helps you out with that, don’t they? They’re up with the sun every day! Early morning is their favorite time and they tend to serve as your primary alarm clock (sadly, the snooze button seems to be broken!). Sure, you could try to dissuade your child from their natural tendencies…or…you could encourage them to be their bright-eyed, bushy-tailed self. This Kid’s Rooster Costume is ideal for the early riser in your brood, and will also make a stellar Halloween costume or theatrical addition! And who knows? Maybe it’s just a phase. Design & DetailsOur costume designers woke up at the crack of dawn for weeks on end to get in tune with the rhythms of this costume, and we think they nailed it! This little birdie’s got style! This white jumpsuit is crafted from faux fur and hits below the knees, with elastic to keep those chicken legs in place. The sleeves are made into wide wings, while the tail is attached to the back and has wire inside, so it can be bent and shaped to suit your kid’s whims! The headpiece has a rooster face and noble crest, and the yellow foot covers complete the transformation!Up With the SunAdmit it, if you have to be woken up before dawn, you’d rather it be by your kid in this cute rooster costume than some screeching alarm! They look awfully adorable dressed as their favorite farm animal.