Take Flightlight has got to be the number one child fantasy. What do you want to be when you grow up? What superpower do you want most? There aren’t many responses that nearly everyone would give. But we’re confident the top answer would be flight. And why wouldn’t it be! Even in adulthood, we’re still staring up in the wild blue, wondering if those blinking lights belong to a jet or a UFO, wishing to soar ourselves. Sure, we compensate with our plane tickets for long-distance transatlantic travel, but it’s never the real thing. Ascending in coach, with a window seat if we’re lucky, it’s nice but never quite what we craved. It isn’t us flying!Design & DetailsIt’s got to be something else altogether when you’re in control of the cockpit, purposeful with every flip of a switch and analysis of a gauge. Just imagine the rush of takeoff with an audience behind you as you pull above the horizon and sail along a puffy sea of white clouds. You might not be an astronaut, sure, but you’re still defying the laws of gravity with human invention. How cool is that?Come Fly With MeWe want to help you give that experience to your kiddos because you know they’re itching for it. The crisp, clean pilot shirt comes with the tie and shoulder stripes, just like a real pilot. The two pocket flaps make it look like you’re carrying around many extremely necessary implements (because you can fly and are therefore important). It’s one of our exclusive Made By Us originals, so you know care went into each and every stitch. Be sure to pair it with some classic aviator sunglasses, pressed black slacks, and the shiniest shoes you have to complete the look!