Keep Off The Grass Costume

This funny Keep off the Grass costume will have everyone laughing this Halloween… they might get the munchies too but don’t be paranoid!

Items Included
  • Leaves Top
  • Flower Pot Bottom
  • Green leaf fastens w/ elastic Vecro straps
  • Costume reads ”Keep off the Grass” in red & yellow letters
  • Flower pot bottom have elastic waistband


The recent legalization of marijuana has kicked off a firestorm of political debates. Is marijuana a harmless diversion or a gateway drug to harder, more dangerous substances? Should it be legal for medicinal purposes? Where does individual choice end and government oversight begin? How do you weigh the one person’s freedom to live their life as they want against the good of society?But we’re not going to tackle any of that right now. We’re just going to point out how very fun it can be to get high—not from experience, of course! We would never do that… We’re not based in Colorado, after all. So we are not saying you should go out and try this for yourself. In fact, when you think about it, there are a lot of negative side effects with getting high (so we’ve been told): getting super hungry, feeling dizzy, paranoia, depression…If you want all the fun of marijuana but none of those annoying side effects, why not try out our Keep off the Grass costume? You’ll definitely be the life of the party when you show up looking like everyone’s favorite five-leafed plant. The costume comes with a green leaf top that fastens with Hook and Loop fastener straps and a brown flower pot bottom with an elastic waistband for a comfy fit—plus a sign proclaiming, “Keep Off The Grass,” in case someone doesn’t quite get the joke. … Alternatively, the costume can also be used as a clever protest against marijuana, if that’s how you roll (or rather, don’t roll). It’s all there in the sign: Keep Off The Grass.This costume has received very high ratings from our focus groups…. Very high indeed.