Harley Quinn 4-1 Corset with Removable Ruffle: Your Dynamic Look

For playful evenings and freeing yourself of a few things, channel your inner Harley Quinn, Sexy and smart 4-1 corset. Remove ruffle as needed or wanted.


Top Notch Trouble MakerWe’ve always associated Miss Quinn with the Joker. Sure, he got her started in her career of chaos but that doesn’t mean he should get credit for the rest of her career. What are we saying? Mostly that Harley Quinn is a trouble maker in her own right! While other villains might resort to basic explosives to get attention, Quinn is more unpredictable. She’s just as liable to use mental manipulation than a tangible weapon. Mental gymnastics is her specialty, after all! Whether you’re arming yourself with an oversized hammer or some weapon-grade charm, you’re going to need the perfect outfit to get in touch with your villainous trickster side!Product DetailsMix and match this officially licensed Harley Quinn ensemble for a scintillating look. You can wear all of it together or match pieces for costumes or a super fun lingerie look. It all matches with a silky material that’s super comfortable to wear. The corset is lightly boned and hooks together to make it super simple to put on. The bra is firm with underwire support and the straps adjust to make you more comfortable. The hem of the corset has a ruffle that can be taken off so you can choose what look suits you!Gotham GothicWant to finish this look off right? We have all the Harley Quinn accessories you could want! Pair it with tall black and red stockings or tights. Ramp up her wild look with a ruffled white collar and over-sized hammer and long, elbow length gloves. Finish off her whole look with any of our piggy-tailed wigs from the platinum blond look to the black and red style. Really, you can take this look as far as your tricky heart desires! Now let’s just see how much trouble you can stir up.