Harley Quinn Women’s Dad Hat: Perfect Accessory for Fans

Showcase your love of your favorite DC Comics super villain, Harley Quinn while wearing this Women’s Harely Quinn Dad Hat. This Harley Quinn Women’s Dad Hat is red and black with ‘pig tails’ coming off the hat that are adorned with white poms on each pig


PUDDIN’ APPROVEDMost women never leave their house without a fresh hairdo, or a face perfectly painted with makeup, but not Harley—she’s not ‘most women.’ The Suicide Squad supervillain never leaves home without her trusty baseball bat. She’s one sassy slugger, taking whacks at anyone who stands between her and the sinister deed shes determined to commit. Harley’s unstoppable; not even Batman and Robin could thwart her visceral desire to create chaos. Once she puts the Harley Quinn dad hat on, you know she means business! It accents her treasured weapon, a wooden and graffitied baseball bat, as well as her loud sense of style (who else rocks a pair of sparkly blue shorts like Harley?). Add this hat to your stockpile of Harley accessories and wear it whenever you want to knock your ensemble out of the park. Now, batter up!                 PRODUCT DETAILSThe officially licensed Harley Quinn dad hat features a curved bill and an adjustable metal slide in the back. The black and red hat also has two pom-pom accented jester horns dangling down from the sides. HATS OFF TO YOUR LOOKUse the sporty Harley hat to offset a favorite matching tee or pair it with a Harley Quinn jumpsuit costume for a unique look.