Hannibal Lecter Plus Size Costume Suit

Keep your cannibalistic, serial killer ways under wraps when you put on this exclusive Hannibal Lecter Plus Size Costume Suit. Available in 2X.


Hannibal Helper: A Culinary Product Doomed to FailHannibal was used to living a high-society lifestyle but once he went to prison he wasn’t able to make much money. While he could live off his investments, when a pasta company came to him with a twisted product idea, he had to consider it. The boxed pasta included macaroni, seasoning, and dried fava beans. While they’d encourage everyone to use pork products with the meal, they were sure the pasta would be a hit with the crime fans that were following the killer’s case. Umm, yeah. Turns out that the pasta was both literally and figuratively in bad taste. A little on the nose, if you will. No one even wanted to buy it as a joke. While Hannibal brand pasta is doomed to fail, we are glad to announce that the Hannibal costume is doing much better! The dark suit allows you to embrace the dignified and scary side of this character without embracing his cannibalistic side. Design & DetailsThis dignified plaid suit serves to represent this smart yet scary psychiatrist perfectly. In fact, our design team has worked together to make a high-quality look that can be worn to all sorts of costumed events. The featured jacket buttons down the front and has a sewn-in pocket square at the chest. The blue shirt front ties at your back while the tie can be adjusted and tied to your liking. Polished off with the comfortable elastic waisted plaid pants, this costume will be instantly recognizable by fans of Hannibal.To Hunt a ThrillerAre you looking for the perfect costume for a murder mystery party? Perhaps you want to look dapper at a Halloween dinner party or a television themed soiree. No matter where you’re wearing this costume, you’re sure to love this high-quality look. You just might want to keep you’re snacking vegetarian for the night just to keep everyone at ease.