Green Leaf Boa: Nature’s Finest Costume Accessory

Hippie, Poison Ivy, or Eve? You decide once you’ve wrapped this Green Leaf Boa around your neck, slipped into a costume and taken a long hard look in the mirror. If you wanna be evil, Ivy’s the way to go but at what cost? What cost?!


Do you need a sign that you have turned over a new leaf? Well look no further! This boa is perfect for multiple costumes, including Mother Earth, Eve, a hippie, and of course, Pamela Isley, or maybe you would recognize her alter ego, Poison Ivy. Any of these costumes are sure to be the highlight of any party, while this boa will be the highlight of your costume. Wrapping this Green Leaf Boa around your neck is one of the many ways you can transform into the sensual and seductive Poison Ivy. Enchant Batman with your ability to manipulate the green that grows from your precious Mother Earth. Once you have Batman in your leafy clutches, you can turn your attention to that cute guy at your Halloween party. No one can resist the entrancing way this boa wraps around their body.