Fortnite Child’s Skull Trooper Costume

Join the battle with the Fortnite Child’s Skull Trooper Costume! Show off your skin and become the number one victory royale winner at the next Halloween party!


Not Your Usual SkeletonWe’ve all seen the traditional Halloween costumes. Witches in their tall black hats, ghosts made of white sheets, and skeletons with the bones painted onto black clothing. But we live in a virtual world now, where much of our fun is found online. Look at Fortnite, for example. The viral game has 350 million—yep, MILLION—players! So plenty of people will recognize your child’s inspiration when they see this Fortnite Child’s Skull Trooper Costume. Your little gamer will love stepping into this suit to play as their favorite “skin” in real life. Product DetailsThis costume as every detail needed to recreate the virtual skin in real materials. First, there’s the jumpsuit, which features the iconic skeleton design on both front and back. Printed mesh sleeves keep your child cool as they run around defeating their enemies. The bones continue on the matching shin guards, which make this costume really look like armor! The belt length is adjustable and features a black pouch. Tie the bandana however you wish, and then it’s time for the mask. This one has the added bonus of a hood, so the back of your child’s head is covered as well as the front. A Fighter to the BoneSkull Trooper is not your average skeleton; he is ready to fight with whatever weaponry is at hand to defeat other players! While no weapons are included with this costume, every player starts the game weaponless. So get creative! Check out our website for some Fortnite accessories. Otherwise, use what’s around the house, just like in the game. It’s all about making your environment fight for you. So whether you’re headed to a party or down the street for trick or treating, take along some protection in the form of a Skull Trooper!