Flash Glasses: Supercharge Your Style with Heroic Eyewear

Add this pair of Flash Glasses to your superhero costume or wear them with any outfit to look more like your favorite comic book character.


So you have plans to go to the movies with your friends until 6:55pm and you have to save the world at 7 o’clock sharp. You’re not going to have enough time to go all the way back home to dive into your spandex jumpsuit. Wearing it in a warm theater and getting all sweaty just sounds uncomfortable, and then the B.O. that follows.. nobody wants that. What to do? Well friend, worry not, we are here to help! Try these Flash Glasses out! This eyewear is easy to stow away in a back pocket when unneeded and even easier to throw on in the nick of time. They are designed after the Flash’s iconic mask and will give you Barry Allen’s classic look from the comic books, some may even start to think you ran right off the pages. With these glasses you can get your crime fighting career started in a flash… see what we did there?