Day of the Dead Temporary Tattoo

Celebrate the Mexican holiday with the Day of the Dead Temporary Tattoo!


Face the ReaperWe usually assume that the reaper is well… grim. And that’s true, when he shows up he doesn’t usually have good news hidden up his wide sleeves. But here’s the thing, once the business side of things is over, the reaper is pretty good at chilling out with the souls that he collected. There’s a lot of time between deciding whether you’re heading downstairs or upstairs. In the meantime, you’re traveling around with one of the oldest souls on earth. This guy has a lot to talk about. He’ll back up the Elvis conspiracy (Elvis didn’t pass until the late nineties) and he’ll tell you all about the drama of the Battle of the Bulge. Death doesn’t sound too bad after all. Product DetailsNo need to conquer the arts of sugar skull makeup. Simply apply this temporary tattoo with a warm washcloth and you’re ready to go. The tattoo creates hollow cheekbones, red tears, and a spooky spiderweb on the forehead. And when you’re ready to rejoin the land of the living, wash it off with baby oil or cold cream. Night of The DeadAre you ready to conquer Halloween night? It’s a gorgeous look that can only be improved with black makeup filling in your eyelids and under eyes. Get on the Reapers good side to get all the stories as soon as you guys are hanging out with this sugar skull temporary tattoo set.