Child Pink Supergirl Costume: Unleash Your Heroine’s Power

This child pink Supergirl costume is a fun girl’s superhero costume for Halloween. Get your kids into a unique superhero costume for Halloween at a great price.


Don’t let anybody tell you that you can’t improve on a classic. The red and blue might be iconic, but Supergirl has always been one to play by her own rules rather than riding her cousin’s super-coattails. Sometimes you just need to change things up, whether that means something as ambitious as flying off for a solo adventure in outer space or busting up another Braniac scheme for universal domination, or something as simple as donning a jazzed-up alternate costume.Granted, bright pink and silver might not be the stealthiest color combination in the superhero palette. That might be a big deal for someone like, say, Batgirl, but this is Supergirl we’re talking about. There’s not much point in sneaking up on the bad guys when you can peek into their secret hideout with your x-ray vision, smash through the walls with your super-strength, and freeze them in place with your ice breath. When you’re one of the most powerful beings on the planet, who’s going to tell you you can’t add a splash of color to your crime-fighting regimen?This superpowered polyester ensemble features all of the styling you know and love: the long-sleeved dress with shiny belt and attached cape, the knee-high boots with silver tops, and most importantly, that iconic “S” emblem emblazoned on the chest. It’s a classic look in a bold new take that’s sure to pop with aspiring Girls of Steel.