Avengers Classic Panther Adult Comfy Throw for Wakandan Coziness

This Avengers Classic Black Panther Adult Comfy Throw is for all the citizens of Wakanda that live among us. Everyone who thinks Shuri could be their cool little sister and T’Challa could be their partner in battle will find comfort in this detailed throw


Superhero SleepWell, we’ve seen all the Avengers movies, and we think being a superhero is pretty dang awesome. As most people do! But they don’t really show off all the downsides of being a hero. Like the fact that when you’re up all night fighting crime or going on top-secret missions, you’re gonna be a little crabby the next day from not getting enough sleep! The best way to take care of that is to squeeze in some extra naps, of course, a fact of which we’re sure Avengers like the Black Panther are well aware. But, what they maybe don’t know about is the best way to take a nap is with a Comfy Throw Sleeved Blanket. And, now, we can help you nap looking like one of the coolest Avengers with this Black Panther Adult Comfy Throw!Product DetailsMarvel Comics officially licensed, this Black Panther Comfy Throw is a blanket that features sleeves for the perfect blanket fit. It’s made of super soft 100 percent polyester fleece, and will help you do some ultra-cozy superhero work! The throw fits like a robe and that means it’s great for taking a little catnap on the couch while you dream about your next high stakes mission to save Wakanda. The real next level on this costume is to use it for your next costume party! If you want to guarantee that you’re the most comfortable person at the party, this Comfy Throw is a surefire way to do it.