Adult Plus Size Terrifying Tree Costume

The Adult Plus Size Terrifying Tree Costume will make you stay clear of the forest. This costume is sure to bring fear to anyone who crosses its path.


The Root of the IssueIs a spooky story truly spooky if it doesn’t include an eerie old forest? From fairy tales to adult horror movies, the woods always seem to be a theme. In fact, it’s often one of our favorite parts! The moment when the character ventures into the darkness of the trees is the moment when the adventure gets real.In a horror movie, there’s always an aerial shot of a car driving into an expanse of endless woods from which almost everyone in the car will never emerge. And in a fairy tale, there’s always an innocent who will have to face danger and learn something about themselves among the giant trees. See? The forest always comes into play. Which means if you’re taking on the role of a terrifying tree than you’re one of the greatest characters any spooky story can come across!Details & DesignWhen they heard the forest theory stated above, our team of designers decided that tree costumes needed an upgrade. That’s why they put so much thought and effort into perfecting this Made by Us tree costume! The body of the costume has an intricate bark pattern that was designed in-house to set it apart from the camo or plain brown trunks out there. An eerie face is printed on the front while the hole for your actual face is at the top so you can still easily see, eat, and drink. The sleeves are finished off by artful, long-fingered gloves tipped in green leaves to make gesturing extra dramatic and spooky. Leaf it AloneAs soon as you get this look, you’ll be ready to go! Perfect for Halloween parties and plays, we’ll let you decide if your tree’s bark is worse than its bite. All we know is that if we run into you in the forest, we’ll head back to civilization faster than you can yell, “Timber!”.