Adult Deluxe Robin Cape: Enhance Your Costume with Iconic Flair

Make your Robin costume look more authentic with this Adult Deluxe Robin Cape accessory.


“Holy Priceless Collection of Etruscan Snoods!” Robin may have had some questionable sayings, but his fashion sense was right on the money! Batman was all about subtlety. You won’t see the a bright, gold bat symbol on the back of his cape. We think Dick Grayson had the right idea though. Once you beat up some bad guys and have them tied up, you want them to remember who took them down as you dash off into the night. That’s why this Adult Deluxe Robin Cape is bright with the Boy Wonder’s symbol printed on the back. The bad guys know exactly who owned them as they see this cape fluttering away into the night. Pair this awesome cape with the rest of Robin’s sick threads, and you will be ready to take down the baddies of Gotham City. If you have someone to go as Batman with you, you two are sure to be an unstoppable duo!