Adult Deadpool Costume for Fun, Mayhem and Chaos

This Adult Deadpool Costume gives you a really good reason to act kind of crazy. Why? Because it turns you into the insane X-Men character.


Hey dudes, it’s your ol’ pal Deadpool again with some exciting news! If you’ve ever wanted to look as fearsome, dashing, and/or downright sexy as I do in my world famous Marvel comic books, you now can in this super-awesome and super-licensed Deadpool Costume! *joyful squeal!*Fighting crime and teaching supervillains a lesson about why they shouldn’t be jerks is hard enough without also having to worry about looking cool. That’s why I wear my trademark red and black bodysuit, which not only spares me the embarrassment of running around in my birthday suit, it actually makes me look fabulous, which is the most you can ask for in a superhero uniform. Now, you may have noticed that the pockets are just printed on this neat costume and belt, so you won’t be able to carry all of your goodies and snacks around in them. Super sorry about that. But, the jumpsuit is padded and designed to make you look like a real beefcake like me, so hopefully that makes up for the lack of integrated storage. If not, then… well, tough cookies.If you want to know more about this costume, just check out the list of features down below. It comes with everything you’ll need to look like me, but if you want my opinion, you should also grab some black gloves and the Deadpool Weapon Kit. Okay, kiddies, that’s all for now, have fun and be safe out there dressed as your favorite X-Men character!Hugs and kisses,Wolver–(I mean) Deadpool