Women’s Plus Size Bad Habit Nun Costume

Want to get their attention at church? This Women’s Plus Size Bad Habit Nun Costume is a look that will get the entire congregation paying attention. Available 1X/2X and 3X/4X.


There’s lots of different ways to spread the love of God, and you, sister…your ways of sharing God’s love are so alluring, it should be a sin!You’ve always been an original – an independent thinker through and through. You like to push the envelope. You love testing the waters. You do things a little differently…ok, radically differently! Not that we’re complaining. Why be a sheep when you can be a siren? You’re always looking to stand out! And you can finally stop saying all those Hail Mary’s, because we’re here to tell you: all your prayers have been answered!We must confess: this Women’s Plus Size Bad Habit Nun Costume is scintillating, saucy, and speaks volumes about your unique sense of style. But if you plan to wear it out to a costume party, be prepared to connect to a higher power: the Halloween spirit. The sleeveless sheath dress and arm warmers aren’t exactly what your teachers wore in high school, but you can bet they’ll teach your pals a lesson in bold, brazen, and brassy style as they congregate around you on the dance floor. Slip on the veil and prepared to feel truly #blessed with the way this dress hugs your curves and makes you feel heavenly. Just add a pair of fishnet stockings or sheer white thigh-highs, some heels – remember, the higher the heel, to closer to heaven! – and get ready to be canonized into sexy sainthood! So go ahead and own it, sister! Who knows, wearing it may become somewhat of a habit for you!