Women’s Legally Blonde 2 Elle Woods Wig

Complete your Elle Woods look from Legally Blonde 2 with this women’s blonde wig.


Thanks to Elle Woods, we all know that “the bend and snap” is a certified way to land a man. We know the flirting technique works wonders for all kinds of ladies who have their heart set on scoring the guy of their dreams, but somehow we can’t seem to master it. Okay, we admit to being kind of klutzy and a little heavyfooted, so perfecting the motions for “the bend and snap” was such a struggle. One time we snapped so hard that we almost fell backward! Luckily, we found an easier way to get our crush’s attention and it’s still approved by Elle Woods. However, it involves far less coordination (thank goodness.) Introducing this Legally Blonde 2 wig! We just stretch this blonde women’s wig over our head and now we have Elle’s famous California-girl-turned-serious-lawyer hairdo. Pair it with a pink business suit and you’ll easily get the attention of the guy you’ve been eyeing (and maybe win any legal battles too.)