Women’s Cozy Harlequin Costume: Comfort and Style Combined

You will be comfortable and stylish in this Women’s Cozy Harlequin Costume. It features a zipper fleece dress with a Harlequin horn hood. Just add some fun socks, leggings or tights and you are all set for a great Halloween.


SHADY YET SNUGGLY Not a whole lot bothers the nefarious. Villains have a very tough skin so they’re not ones to complain about the little things. For example, bad guys won’t huff and puff if the thread count on the sheets isn’t up to par. They might slink off into the night and steal luxurious sheets from someone else, but they won’t spend one second complaining. Baddies aren’t going to sulk when a situation doesn’t go they’re way— instead, they’ll go back to their evil lair and come up with a more diabolical scheme in order to achieve their goals. Even though villains don’t handle situations like we do, (since we’re the good ones and they, well, are the bad ones) they still prefer to be comfortable. When they’re not wearing their iconic ensembles, they’re trying their best to be cozy just like us non-villainous people. A more snuggly spin on a top female baddie’s archetypal get-up, this look is exceptionally comfortable. Wear this costume to become the classic comic book villain in the most enjoyable way possible! PRODUCT DETAILSMade from soft polyester fleece fabric, the zip-up long-sleeve dress is ideal for anyone who’s on the hunt for a wickedly comfy bad-guy themed costume. The short hemline stops at around mid-thigh while ruffles decorate both sleeve cuffs and each shoulder. The attached hood has stuffed horns topped off with fuzzy pom-poms. Finally, an appliqued glittery diamond creates a beautiful contrast against the red fabric.       FRILLS AND THRILLS This costume is unbelievably cozy and a few extra accessories can really spruce it up. Pick up a pair of Harlequin red and black socks to make the fleece-fabric dress pop and wear a favorite pair of black heels. Finish up the look with a villainous makeup application and give a creepy grin.