Wide Stripe Plus Size Gangster Costume

This wide stripe plus size gangster costume is a traditional 1920’s gangster suit. This is a plus size gangster Halloween costume in a classic style. Available in 1X, 3X and 4X.


Back in Al Capone’s days, it took a lot more than running a successful bootlegging empire to become a legendary mob boss. You had to stand out from the competition, act like a gentleman (at least in public), turn heads when you walked in the room (courtrooms especially), and know how to make a memorable first impression. In other words, you had to have style. Guys like Al Capone and Bugsy Siegel understood that, and it’s probably why you didn’t even have to look them up on Wikipedia when we mentioned them. They’re practically immortal.While we can’t exactly recommend them as role models, you can still take a page from their fashion playbook and become a made man with the wide stripe plus size gangster costume. Whether you want to be the don at the next meeting of the Five Families or just the Halloween party (option B would probably be safer), there’ll be no mistaking you for the boss of bosses in this slick 1920s-style suit. Made by us, it’s a classic two-piece with matching pants and jacket (double-breasted, the preferred cut of a true wiseguy), and a fearsome combination of white pinstripes on black cloth. The pants also feature an elastic waist that makes this getup easy to get on, because mobsters are used to getting what they want right away.If you’re an aspiring don, the gangster costume is a suit you can’t refuse. Just don’t forget to wear a ring so your associates have something to kiss when they call you “godfather”!