Where’s Waldo: Deluxe Plus Size Adult Costume

Be the ultimate photobomber with the Where’s Waldo Deluxe Plus Size Adult Costume. It will be best if you don’t tell anyone and let them figure it out for themselves.


An Urgent SearchYour mission: find Waldo. Yes, again. He’s off on another one of his adventures, but we have reason to believe Odlaw is closer than ever to achieving his dastardly goal. Waldo must be found before Odlaw can get the magic walking stick. If Odlaw gets ahold of Waldo’s walking stick he’ll have the means to break into Fort Knox like’s always planned. So, if you accept, it’s time to go find Waldo and get him home safe.Do you accept? Fantastic! Wait… you’ve got something there. Instead of finding Waldo, you want to let him enjoy his travels and use a disguise to throw Odlaw off the scent? That could work. Odlaw would definitely fall for it, he’s so set on getting that walking stick he’ll follow any lead. Alright, let’s do it. Get that Waldo costume together pronto, we’ve got an arch-nemesis to stop!Product DetailsWith Odlaw on the loose and Waldo exploring the wide world, it’s time to don the famous Waldo uniform. With this Where’s Waldo Deluxe Plus Size Adult Costume you’ll be ready to save the world! This officially licensed costume includes Waldo’s signature hat, sweater, and glasses. You’ll look have the perfect balance of red and white stripes Waldo in the striped crew neck sweater. The matching hat with pompom detail ensures you won’t be mistaken for just another man in the crowd. And with the plastic eyeglass frames, there’s no way Odlaw wouldn’t fall for this disguise!Don’t Forget the Walking CaneTo keep Odlaw from finding Waldo and wreaking havoc at Fort Knox there’s just one more thing you’ll need. Make sure to add a Walking Cane Accessory to your look. Without it, Odlaw might just pass you off as a bad job and get deeper into his search for Waldo and the real magic walking stick. We’re counting on you, so good luck!