Black and White Nylon Stockings

It’s okay to be a naughty Alice. For your trip down the rabbit hole, don’t forget a pair of Black and White Nylon Striped Stockings. Surprise the residents of Wonderland with how scandalous you can be.

Items Included
  • Pair of Striped Nylon Stockings
  • Black and White Nylon Stockings
  • 50% polyester 50% nylon
  • Black and white pair of stockings
  • One size fits WT. 90-160 LBS.


Your amazing costume or outfit requires the right accouterments. The hatter isn’t mad without his hat. Witches need a broom. The Addams family girl needs black braids. And you. What do you need? Are you in need of some bold striped stockings for under that dress/frock/pants/ruby slippers? Cause we have just the ones for you. Our Black and White Nylon Stockings are just the right touch for your costume. Whether you are Alice or Cheshire, a witch or fairy, costumed or just for being eccentric for fun: these are the stockings you’re looking for. We know. You’re literally looking at them right now. So go ahead! Get them and show us how you worked them. These things are only limited by your imagination. So accouter away!