Thor Pet Costume: Your Furry Friend as the Thunder God

This Thor Pet Costume is perfect for completing your team of superheroes! Your best buddy will be just as adorable as the son of Odin, crown prince of Asgard.


Dog of ThunderWhosoever holds this hammer, if he be a very good boy, shall possess the power of Thor!The list of those worthy to wield Mjolnir is short. Thor Odinson has proven himself worthy. Captain America has also proven himself worthy. But we’ve heard of another. Yes, we heard a tale of the goodest of good boys. A boy so good, the world has not enough treats in the world for him. Yes, we’re talking about your good boy… and we think he’s worthy of the title “Dog of Thunder.”Product DetailsIf your dog be worthy (which he is), then it’s time to suit him up like the hero that he is! This Avengers Thor Pet Costume helps transform your pooch into the legendary superhero from Marvel comics. It comes with a shirt that fits over your doggo’s front legs. It has a pair of plush arms that dangle down in front and one of them even has a stuffed Mjolnir in its hand. The cape attaches to the back of the shirt and the headpiece really brings the whole look together. It’s stylized like Thor’s signature helmet and fits with an elastic band around the chin. Your pooch will truly be worthy of the title when he wears this adorable superhero costume!