Thigh High Wonder Woman Stockings: Heroic Legwear Choice

These Wonder Woman Thigh High Stockings will take your costume to new heights. They’ll also keep your legs nice and warm.


According to the comic book universe, most superheroes only wear a single costume to identify themselves for the entirety of their super career. Batman’s always got the same outfit, Hawk girl wears the same army, and Wonder woman doesn’t change the style of her Aegis and bracelets a single bit. This is the only reason we’re sure these comics are fictional. Why this detail, you ask? Well because if we were crime fighters, we’d have a different and awesome outfit for every day of the week! Sure, defending the world from sure destruction is an interesting enough job, but we all like to have a little change up in the smaller parts of our lives too! Maybe you’ll argue that their secret identities get to show off some different fashion, but think about Wonder woman! She’s Princess Diana 24/7! Keeping that in mind, we’ve decided to help her out a little bit. These awesome knee high socks are a perfect “in” fashion right now that also go great with her hero costumes! The bows are adorable and their so comfy for just lounging around in too! It may be against the unwritten comic code, but even super heroes need to bend a few rules now and then.