The Incredibles Adult Mr. Incredible Union Suit: Cozy Hero Attire

This Adult Mr. Incredible Union Suit from The Incredibles is officially licensed and works as a cozy costume option or as your warmest pair of pajamas!


SUPERHERO SNOOZIN’Mr. Incredible wears many different titles. He’s a father. He’s a homemaker. He’s a husband. He’s a best friend He’s a mediocre insurance salesman. He’s also a superhero. That’s a ton of roles for one man to play! It’s a good thing he has all of those superpowers, because living a day in his shoes sounds a little bit exhausting. If fact, we’re not surprised that Bob Parr might end up taking a snooze in the middle of reading little Jack Jack a bedtime story. We’d be snoozing like a superhero too if we had to do all of those things too.Of course, the good news is that there’s a perfect outfit for sleepy heroes! While it might not be designed by the legendary Edna Mode, we think that it should still be great for heroes and fans alike! The Incredibles Mr. Incredible Union Suit helps anyone be heroic while they prepare for a little trip to dreamland.PRODUCT DETAILSThis Mr. Incredible Union Suit is an officially licensed pajama costume based on the Disney Pixar movie, The Incredibles. It’s made entirely of an ultra-soft fleece material, which is perfect for relaxing, sleeping, or staying warm. It has the bright red and black color scheme of Mr. Incredible’s super suit and it has the Incredibles symbol on the front. A zipper in front makes it easy to slip into this comfy outfit, so you can be ready for your costume party in mere seconds!COMFORTABLE HEROISMIf you’re trying to relax like a superhero, or you need a quick and comfortable look for your next costume party, then this Mr. Incredible union suit is exactly what you’ve been searching for. Just remember that this comfy pajama jumpsuit wasn’t designed by Edna Mode, so it might not hold up if you try wearing it while you fight against Syndrome.