The Avengers Endgame Nerf Black Panther Assembler Gear

Wakanda Forever!! Gear up for the battle against Thanos with the Avengers: Endgame Nerf Black Panther Assembler Gear. Protect Wakanda and the Earth from destruction.


THE BEST FROM SHURI-TECHThe battles to protect Wakanda were pretty easy, at least initially. Hardly anyone knew it was there and the holographic shield made quick work of most who did. But, that certainly wasn’t going to last. (It would hardly be interesting if it did!)Now that the Decimation, the Snap of Doom, has shattered the hopes of Wakanda, we have to wonder if Shuri was among those who were dusted. Or is she merely hiding and working hard to craft the best weapons for the coming fight?PRODUCT DETAILSWhether Shuri and the Black Panther are going to be running into the fray or not, you can be part of the Wakandan fight with this officially licensed Black Panther Nerf glove. This is part of the Assembler Gear series, so it will work great with the rest of the series but features that iconic black and purple style. Fire nerf blasts in the name of the dusted king! THE ENDGAME BLASTEven if Shuri didn’t survive the snap, her legendary tech most certainly did. This Black Panther Nerf gear is certain to play a critical role in taking down Thanos. (Not just Wakandan technology.  We mean that we’re positive we’ll discover Thanos’ secret weakness is Nerf darts!)