Suitmeister Clown Men’s Suit

This Suitmeister Clown Men’s Suit is exactly the right mix of creepy and classy.

Items Included
  • Jacket
  • Necktie
  • Pants
  • 100% polyester
  • Suit jacket is fully lined
  • 2 button closure in jacket front, false pocket flaps
  • Necktie matches suit, and it’s not a clip on so learn how to tie a tie already!
  • Pants have elastic bands at sides for fit
  • Zipper fly with button top
  • 2 front and 1 back pants pocket
  • *NOTE: suits have a slim-fit design, please consult size chart


Are Clowns Scary?We took a quick poll around the office. We asked a ton of people if they thought clowns were scary. 9 out of 10 office workers found them to be either “not that scary” or only scary “sometimes.” They’ve seen too many of them in movies! It turns out, clowns just aren’t as scary as they used to be! You used to be able to toss a little bit of clown makeup and a frizzy wig, and you’d freak everyone out in a 5-mile radius. These days, if you want to play the role of a scary clown, you have to step up your game. You need to do something that makes you a lot creepier than the average clown who just stepped out of the circus tent. You need something… a little more contemporary when it comes to creepy clownin’. That means you need some new clown threads and that’s where this Men’s Suitmeister Clown Suit comes into play.Product DetailsThis suit isn’t your run-of-the-mill clown costume. It’s one part dapper suit and one part terrifying nightmare factory. The print comes with mismatched patterns in black, white, and red colors. The patterns have a “cracked” effect, giving you an eerie presence when you wear it. It has a double-button style for a casual fit. It comes with a pair of pants in the same fabric that fit with a zipper fly in the front. Just pair it up with your own dress shirt and a pair of black dress shoes to turn into one next-level clown.Next Level ClowningOf course, don’t just stop with the suit! If you really want to scare your friends and family, then you’re going to want to grab a few of our scary clown accessories to creepify your look. We recommend some of our scary clown makeup to finish your frightening style.