Star Wars The Mandalorian Death Trooper Costume

In an adult Shadow Trooper costume, you can do stuff that normal Stormtroopers can’t, like hitting stuff with your blaster and finding the droids you were looking for. It beats being cannon fodder for Star Wars heroes.


Are you ready to help the Empire bring order to the galaxy? You are? Excellent! Then you don’t need to be another generic stormtrooper. No, you get to be a part of an elite team that the emperor entrusts with his top missions. Grab one of our Shadow Trooper Costumes and join this select squadron!When you walk around in this awesome Star Wars themed costume for Halloween you will get butt loads of respect. Normally a plain ole stormtrooper would get ridiculed for not even being able to take down an Ewok. However, while you’re dressed up in this Shadow Trooper guise, everyone will know you’re in a totally different league than an average white head. You actually find the droids you’re looking for, heck you even get trusted to hunt down Jedi. Although, instead of being on a daring mission, it will be Halloween. So try to have some fun, don’t let the job consume your entire life. Even Sidious and Vader take a day off of galactic domination from time to time. Enjoy some time on the dance floor and show everyone that you’re not just some stiff soldier. Now, if you should happen to run into any Jedi, just throw up the peace sign and wish them a Happy Halloween. Then remind them that it is back on tomorrow. After all, the galaxy isn’t going to take over itself. Somebody’s got to do it and they will most definitely need help from a soldier of your caliber.