Roman Senator Plus Size Men’s Costume

Embrace the power of the Roman Republic and rule over the kingdom of Rome in this Roman Senator Plus Size Men’s Costume. This costume features a stoic red and white Roman tunic with cape and gold leaf headpiece. Available in 2X.


So, you want to get into politics, eh? Think you can swing it? There are a lot of rules once you’re in this elite group. Meetings begin at down and could go till dusk. You won’t be paid and you’ll have to be willing to spend all day at the temple of Apollo. Wait, what? We’re talking old school Roman senators, you mean you want to be a modern senator? We have no idea how that works but we do know plenty about togas. Senators back in the B.C.’s knew how to dress to impress. Forget about pin-stripes, lapel pins, and cheesy seasonal ties. These senators draped themselves in the finest wool and if they were ultra well-off they’d even add a strip of red or purple cloth to their drapery. You have to wonder if they knew they were setting a standard for college parties thousands of years in their future. How many of those long days of filibustering and vetoing ended in a healthy, “chug, chug, chug” chant? It would be weirdly comforting if we knew that senators had to participate in rush week to get a seat in the senate. Well, whether you want to go back in time to learn about democracy from the ground up or are going to an annual toga party, you’re sure to look like a well to do senator in the outfit. Not only does this costume have an eye-catching red cloth draped over the ribbed linen like material but the cloth’s hems are also lined in gold. The whole ensemble is belted with gold and topped off with golden laurels, giving you the authority to discuss converting the main city aquifer into a waterslide.