Roller Derby Rascal Costume for Girls: Embrace Sporty Style

Get your derby on in this Girls Roller Derby Rascal Costume. Roller Derby is a tough sport, so it’s best to start young.


Roller Skates Not IncludedRoller Derby girls are rowdy, tough, and not to be messed with! They are also pretty awesome, work well as a team, and build other girls up. We think they make pretty great role models, most of the time! Part of the fun of the Roller Derby is the team uniforms. For different events or games, teams will often dress up if there is a theme. If your child has expressed interest in Roller Derby, or has seen Harley Quinn in action onscreen, we’re guessing that they like the fashion aspect of it, too! Now they can rock that tough but fun style in this Girls Roller Derby Rascal Costume.Product DetailsThis dress is all about mixing sparkles with rough edges. The overalls style on the front is actually attached to the pink shirt underneath. The skirt portion of the dress is half ragged blue stripes, half black tulle and pink stars. We especially love the tinsel epaulettes on the shoulders, each featuring different colors from the other. They attach to the dress with velcro type fasteners. We recommend going with mismatched shoes for a Harley Quinn look, or go with actual roller skates if you like! Mismatched FashionThis quirky dress reminds us a lot of Roller Derby style, which can be both adorable and tough at the same time. It’s not an easy look to pull off, but those players do it time and time again! Now your child can practice their skating in style.