Ravishing Red Riding Hood Women’s Plus Size Costume

Tell the Big Bad Wolf to move over because you are in charge now! You will be the top dog of the forest when you wear this exclusive Women’s Plus Size Ravishing Red Riding Hood Costume!


Take a HikeThat incident with the wolf in the woods was bad. It was so hard to forget that the story has been passed down through the generations ever since. But we never get to hear about what happens after the woodsman defeated the wolf! But ever since that happened, Little Red Riding Hood has been venturing farther and farther into the woods. She knows where all the good berries are so that her grandma can make even better pies than before. She’s learned to harvest wood and bark to create a top-notch Etsy dynasty with her woven baskets. And most importantly, she no longer falls for any of the wolf’s mischief. Details & DesignLittle Red Riding Hood is a classic for good reason. But that doesn’t mean your costume shouldn’t stand out. By choosing a Made by Us look, you can be sure that your Red Riding Hood is a cut above the rest in both looks and quality. Our in-house designer’s hard work shows in the top with its soft black dirndl style center panel and the eyelet ruffle that runs along the neckline and falls in an off-shoulder sleeve. A red skirt makes the outfit complete and ready to be rocked solo or with the red cape. With the hood and the same-fabric ties at the neck, you’ll look like you came from a fairytale but feel with a lot stronger. A Long and Winding TrailThe woods can be a frightening place. But when you’re dressed with this much style even a wolf can’t make you give up this kind of confidence! In fact, don’t be surprised if you don’t even see a wolf. After all, he might have finally learned his lesson after the time he met you. No Grandma’s treat basket could ever be worth all that trouble!