Puppy Dog Ears and Tail

WOOF WOOF WOOOOOF! If you can’t get enough of man’s best friend then you’re going to want this Puppy Dog Ears and Tail set! In one, two, three, you can transform into a loveable household pet!

Items Included
  • Ears
  • Tail
  • Brown headband w/ attachedfloppy puppy ears
  • Matching brown tail with a white tip
  • Pins to clothes


You know what has always grossed us out just a little bit? That childhood rhyme about how little girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice, and little boys are made of “Snips and snails and puppy dog tails”. Like, it’s kind of gross to think of just a puppy dog tail, you know? What happened to the rest of the dog? Where did that little boy find that puppy dog tail? And aren’t all the possible answers to that question just a little bit troubling? Also, what the heck is a “snip”?!When posing these very important philosophical questions, we’re pretty sure it becomes obvious to everyone that the little boys get the short end of the stick in this nursery rhyme. Little girls get to be made of sugar and spice, which are great! Who doesn’t love a lil’ sugar? And everyone knows spice is the stuff of life! Oh, and then, just to really pound it into the ground, it declares that they’re also made of “everything nice”. Orilly? Everything nice? There’s no nice stuff left over for any little boys, ever? To which the next part of the nursery rhyme basically states, “Nope! Sorry, boys, but you get snips – have fun guess what that even is! – and snails, which are slimy and gross (not to mention incredibly boring to watch) and puppy dog tails, which might seem like a cute thing at first but then the more you think about it, the more disturbing it is!” Geez, amirite? Looks like whoever made this sweet little nursery rhyme up was pretty intent on making their feelings about little boys crystal clear!But here’s the good news, friend…now’s your chance to prove this old and admittedly pretty unimportant nursery rhyme wrong! Because this Puppy Dog Ears and Tail costume is what we think when we think “everything nice”…slip on the brown headband with the attached floppy puppy ears, and hook on the matching brown tail with the white tip, and you’ll be inspiring adorable comparisons everywhere. After all, what’s better than a lovable, loyal household pet? Nothing! Not even sugar or spice! (Okay, we’re done now…)