Ghostbusters Jumpsuit

Items Included
  • Jacket
  • Inflatable proton pack
  • 100% polyester brushed knit flannel fabric
  • Yellow jacket has Hook and Loop fastener tabs at chest center, a sleeve for each front leg
  • Ghostbusters logo printed on right sleeve & left chest
  • Vinyl proton pack inflates to approximately 12″ X 6″ X 4″; straps around abdomen & shoulders


The room was warm and uncomfortable. Jerry straightened himself up for the fifth time in the over-sized, red leather chair in the middle of the office. He slowly released his grip of the manila envelope that he’d been clutching for the past twenty minutes. He could see sweat stains on the edges where he’d been squeezing so hard and hoped his boss wouldn’t notice. Before he could let out one last nervous sigh, the doors swung open. His boss’s face was already an aggravated pink before he spoke. “JERRY! WE NEED A HIT MOVIE AND WE NEED IT FAST. INVESTORS ARE BREATHING DOWN MY NECK ABOUT OUR LAST FLOP OF A PICTURE, AND ALL THAT HOT AIR IS MAKING ME CRANKY. SO WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO ABOUT IT?”

Jerry slowly opened the envelope and removed a piece of paper with a charcoal drawing. He sheepishly slid it across the boss’s desk, trying not to make too noticeable of a gulping noise. “W…we could do…Ghostbusters… But with dogs.” His boss, now breathing more evenly, took a long look at the charcoal movie poster mock-up. What started as a wry smile slowly turned into a deep cackle. “JERRY MY BOY, YOU’VE DONE IT AGAIN.” As Jerry let out a quieted whoosh of relief and tried to remember how to breath normally again, his boss asked, “SO WHERE ARE WE GONNA GET COSTUMES?”

Jerry spoke up, “I saw these great Ghostbuster Jumpsuits for pets at, I was thinking we could use those.” His boss seemed to agree as Jerry continued, “They’re a high quality 100% polyester fabric, so we know they’ll hold up during the filming. The jacket has adjustable Hook and Loop fastener straps so the dogs will be comfortable. The official logo is already printed on the right sleeve and left chest. And hey, they come with little inflatable proton packs, so they’ll be ready to bust some ghosts right away!” As Jerry finished, he noticed his boss had already fallen asleep behind his desk, undoubtedly from a combination of stress and one too many Hollywood liquid lunches. But Jerry didn’t mind. He had some costumes to go order…