Handipug – Pug Hand Puppet

Add a unique twist to your Halloween costume this year with this Handipug dog hand puppet with pieces that fit on each of your fingers.


Sidekick SearchFrom princesses with odd-ball reptiles to no-nonsense vigilantes with fiercely loyal dogs, every leading character seems to have a sidekick. When you started planning your Halloween costume this year, you realized it wouldn’t be complete without a puppy to follow you to each costume party. You’d love to bring a real dog along, but the chance of chaos, allergic reactions, and the lack of a pup living in your home, makes that difficult. There are alternatives. Plush toys, plastic figurines, even one of those silly balloons with accordion legs would work. But you want something that can interact and that seems almost life-like.Product DetailsThis Handipug – Pug Hand Puppet is the perfect sidekick for your Halloween costume! Bring your loyal pooch with you to every party with the soft-sculpted plastic finger covers. Four of the 5 pieces are designed to look like the paws of a pug while the final piece looks like their sweet face. Wear all 5 on your fingertips to bring this hypo-allergenic and perfectly behaved sidekick to life.The Best BoyGet creative with your Halloween costume this year with a sidekick! This pug hand puppet is the best puppy-companion for your alien hunting, criminal busting, or magic casting character and doesn’t come with the fear of sneezes, bad behavior, or bathroom breaks!