Pug Ears Headband Nose and Tail Kit

With this Pug Ears Headband Nose and Tail Kit, you have everything you need to finish off your dog costume this Halloween!

Items Included
  • Headband
  • Nose
  • Tail
  • Faux fur ears sewn to fabric-covered plastic headband
  • Nose has elastic cord around back of head
  • Tail has fabric band w/ hook & loop fastener to attach to belt or belt loop


THE PUG LIFE CHOOSES YOUNot everyone can handle the Pug life. It takes dedication and the need for lots of pets and cuddles and well, that may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Loving cuddles is a Pug necessity since people lose control of themselves when they catch sight of your cute, squishy face. All those rolls and wrinkles are irresistible, not to mention that curly-q tail that sends onlookers into a squealing frenzy where they feel compelled to pet a Pug’s chubby tubby.So do you think you’re ready for that? If experiencing Pug life interests you but you aren’t completely ready to take the Pug-plunge then we have the perfect accessory kit. The Pug kit comes with everything needed for a doggy disguise, allowing you to get a taste of what it’s like to be a sought-after pup everyone wants to squeeze.    PRODUCT DETAILSThe dog ear headband features plush black, fold-down ears while the mouth with little pink tongue attaches around the face with an elastic string capable of stretching quite a bit. The kit also comes with a curly tail which fastens to pant loops via a convenient Hook and Loop fastener tab.  PUGGING FABULOUS  Fater using the kit, did you find that the Pug life is right for you? If so, pick up the adult Pug costume to further solidify the transformation!