Plus Size Workin’ The Skies Flight Attendant Costume

This Plus Size Workin’ The Skies Flight Attendant Costume will get you up and flying though the party this Halloween. This is our exclusive design and the look is fabulous. Available in 1X, 2X and 3X.


Just a zip around the worldGo on, fly the skies! Doesn’t zipping around the world and seeing all the sights sound pretty great? We sure think so. You’re probably ready to tune up your resume and send it off to in hopes of becoming a new Flight Attendant. But, as it happens, we have a way to achieve that feat without having to make a career change. And all you gotta do to travel the world as a glamorous flight attendant is to dress like one!Yup, it really is that simple, and we have just the thing, too. All you gotta do is get this Workin’ the Skies Flight Attendant Costume. This sleek dress will have you styled as a famous Flight Attendant, and with minimal fuss, too. No interview, not even any training. You’ll be flying the skies in no time!Design & DetailsNaturally, we’re just talking about costume fun, and this costume perfectly fits the bill. A form-fitting polyester dress secures with a zipper in the back. The dress is a ringer for a real uniform, with a collar and red piping trim. A scarf secures within the collar (or wear it as desired) and you can attach a realistic looking pin on the front of the dress! Just pop on the matching hat, pick out your favorite pair of heels or flats, and you’ll be ready for your first shift on the airliner. This is gonna be fun!Fly the SkiesWe think the idea of “Workin’ The Skies” is a pretty noble pursuit, and we’re sure you’ll have a ton of fun. Meet some new folks at the party, and we’re sure they’ll be impressed with your occupational acumen. And, hey, if the party goes super great, you might as well just pack a carry-on, swing by the airport, and see if you can sneak your way onto a flight!