Plus Size Wizard of Oz Dorothy Costume

You’re not in Kansas anymore, set off on the yellow brick road in the Plus Size Wizard of Oz Dorothy Costume to get back!


We’re not in Kansas anymore!There are some outfits that just don’t quite look right if they’re worn out of context. We love a good dirndl as much as anyone, but you’d look kind of silly walking down the street in full Bavarian garb if it wasn’t Oktoberfest. And as beautiful as most evening gowns are, they only really work if you’re at a ball or an opera. If you wear a full length gown and matching gloves to the grocery store, you’re sure to get some stares! A swimsuit won’t really work if you’re going snowshowing at a winter resort, and conversely, a snowmobile outfit might not ensure the optimal swimming experience at your local waterhole.But then there are outfits that look great anywhere, and this Plus Size Wizard of Oz Dorothy Costume is one of them! Whether you’re helping Auntie Em on a black-and-white farm in Kansas, or skipping along the Yellow Brick Road in glorious technicolor on your way to Oz, you will be doing it in style!Product detailsLook fantastic no matter where you end up with this Plus Size Wizard of Oz Dorothy Costume. The exclusive costume features a dress styled as a pinafore over a white blouse, which fastens with a hook-and-loop fastener. The shoulder straps are sewn to the shoulders and anchored at the waist with decorative buttons. The blue-and-white gingham print dress has a built-in petticoat with a lace hem ruffle. There are also matching elastic hair ties that can be tied as desired.Off to Oz!Whether you’re off to the wonderful world of Oz to hunt down a not-so-magical wizard or just showing up to a local costume party, you’ll definitely wow the crowd with this whimsical costume. Just don’t forget your accessories, like ruby slippers and maybe a small dog if you really want to go all out. An outfit is nothing without accessories!