Plus Size Fence Net Pantyhose

Add a dash of drama to your pirate costume with these Plus Size Fence Net Pantyhose! Accentuate your legs while you commandeer his ship. Heave ho mateys!


Accessories aren’t necessary for all of your pretty dresses. But they are cute, and sometimes desired. The right pair of shoes can perfectly accent a dress, just like the way you do your hair, or what jewelry you wear can do the same thing. It takes a lot to make your very own look, and pantyhose are a serious consideration.Do you wear them? Well, you do when they are these Plus Size Fence Net pantyhose. They do the same thing those perfect shoes do. They accent any dress, adding a little flair to what could be a simple outfit. You will feel more confident when you slip these on because of how long your legs will look. So, while these aren’t necessary, you will definitely want to have them for those days you want to feel a little flirty.