Plus Size Deluxe Dawn of Justice Armored Batman Costume

This Plus Size Deluxe Dawn of Justice Armored Batman is an officially licensed costume from the Batman v Superman movie.


Have you been pricing out the materials to make your own power-suit? You know, one that’s capable of putting up a good fight against Superman in the event that he turns on the citizens of Earth? You need all sorts of high-grade alloy metals, along with really high computers and a top of the line power supply. Then, you need to take into account all of the man hours that it would take to actually build the suit. It almost seems like something that only a billionaire with too much time on his hands could afford to create…Well, now being Batman isn’t just for Bruce Wayne. This Plus Size Dawn of Justice Batman Costume helps to recreate the look of his armored up look in the Batman v Superman movie. No longer do you have to scour internet sites looking for a sweet deal on exotic metals and high tech computer parts. The printed details might not offer the same kind of protection against attacks from Superman, but they do look rather intimidating, so we doubt any super-powered foes will even try messing with you once you have it on. And you don’t need to spend tons of man-hours trying to build it from scratch, so that’s a win-win situation for you.