Plus Size Black Knee Length Crinoline

This Plus Size Black Knee Length Crinoline petticoat will go with a bunch of different costumes.


Every generation has its fashion trends, and it’s easy to forget that an outfit that looks like the very picture of conservative dress today might once have been the controversial hot potato of its day. Take, for example, the crinoline, the petticoat that goes under a skirt and makes it blossom out into a bell shape. Nowadays they look charmingly old-fashioned, but back when it debuted in the 1800s a lot of people hated the crinoline. There were popular songs and poems mocking the fashion for everything from impracticality to flammability to just plain being annoying. Just remember that the next time you’re tempted to mock a flashy new style trend.You won’t be mocked by 19th Century fashion critics in this black, nylon-poly blend crinoline – on the contrary, you’re more likely to get compliments on your old-timey style. It works wonderfully under any knee-length skirt, from poodle skirts to party dresses to square-dance outfits. The ruffled, multi-layered petticoat shapes your skirt smoothly and allows a full range of motion on the dance floor or in casual hang-out situations. It may be an old-fashioned look, but it’s one that’s stood the test of time, no matter what the naysayers might say.