Plus Size Big Bad Wolf Costume

Who’s bad? You bad. The Plus Size Big Bad Wolf costume gives you your chance to trick Little Red Riding Hood and blow little piggies’ houses down.


Everyone knows about the Big Bad Wolf. Whether he’s blowing down little pigs’ houses or preying on a little girl and her grandma, he’s one bad dude. He’s probably the best known villain in any fairytale, and there’s no question as to why. Everything from his sharp, pointy teeth to his sharp, pointy claws screams villain.But maybe, just maybe, this guy got a bad rap. Maybe he wasn’t trying to eat Little Red Riding Hood when he met her in the woods. Maybe he just wanted to share her picnic basket and make friends with her. Maybe he’s just socially awkward and didn’t know how to strike up a conversation. And maybe he didn’t try to blow down the Little Pigs’ houses. Maybe he just had a really bad cold that day and kept sneezing. Maybe he’s not a villain after all. Maybe he’s just a sweet, misunderstood guy.Nah.We all know this is one bad guy. His name even says it. He’s not the Big Sweet Wolf, or the Big Wolf Who Loves Sing-A-Longs. He’s the Big Bad Wolf, and he takes his job seriously.That’s why you should take your costume seriously if you choose to dress up like him for your next costume party. Start with this Plus Size Big Bad Wolf Costume. The furry gray jumpsuit comes with an attached tail, along with matching furry gloves complete with latex claws and furry foot covers. There’s also a latex wolf mask with attach furry hood with ears to complete the look. You’ll be ready to take care of any big, bad wolf business in this!