Nightwing Child Costume: A Stylish Young Hero’s Look

Your kid is going to feel like a real superhero in the Nightwing Child Costume! Watch as they clean the streets of crime… and candy.


They Can’t Stay a Sidekick ForeverThey grow up so fast! One minute, your little one is fighting crime at your side and the next, he’s ready to battle against supervillains on his own. It happens to every young sidekick. Dick Grayson was with Batman every step of the way as Robin. Then, in the blink of an eye, he turned into Nightwing and headed off to Bludhaven to clean up criminal activity. We’re sure that Batman was sad to see him go, but sometimes you just have to let your kid grow up!Is your little one growing into a fine young superhero? Is he ready to go from sidekick to full-on solo hero? Maybe it’s time to set him up with a costume that will have him feeling confident enough to take on super villains all by himself! All he needs is this officially licensed Nightwing costume!Product DetailsThis child Nightwing costume turns your child into a crime-fighting superhero! The costume comes with a jumpsuit that has muscle padding in the chest and arms. The suit is black with a blue “V” pattern on the chest. The bottom of each pant leg has attached boot covers, so your child can wear their favorite pair of shoes with this outfit and still get the full Nightwing experience. Finish it off with the eye mask, which has a scalloped bat-like design, which hearkens back to Dick Grayson’s time as Batman’s sidekick.Fight Crime with your KidWhen your child wears this costume, he’ll be ready for a duel with any villain. He might even be ready to take on Deathstroke! Of course, you could always grab one of our Batman or Batgirl costumes to lend your brand new superhero a hand. Even the best need a helping hand here and there! (It also gives you an excuse to wear superhero costumes of your own.)