Nightbreed Adult Dr. Decker Mask

Wear this officially licensed Nightbreed Adult Dr. Decker Mask and become the murdering villain of the movie.


One of the best and worst things that can happen when making a movie is that all of the wonderful pieces don’t fit together quite right. It’s awful, because a really provocative and ambitious horror flick like Nightbreed can miss out on a lot of the recognition that it deserves. But it’s great, because even if it flops at the box office like Nightbreed, all of the hard work and cool ideas of the cast and crew still get committed to film.And one of the coolest pieces of Nightbreed is the appearance of twisted psychiatrist Dr. Phillip Decker, whose eerie button-eyed visage somehow manages to be even more chilling than many of the gorier visuals. It’s the kind of design that will terrify viewers for generations to come, even if the critics didn’t quite see the appeal. If you’ve been looking for a way to tell your friends to see the movie, this mask will help you start the conversation (as long as that zipper doesn’t get in the way!).