Mens Classic Premium Aquaman Costume: Be the Deep Sea Hero

Transform yourself into this cool iconic superhero who is the master of the seas wearing this Men’s Classic Premium Aquaman Costume.


Those Who Speak, Do Not KnowThere are really two types of people. There are the those that think Aquaman is some kind of wuss who splashes around in the water and talks to fish all day. Then, there are those who know. The truth.They know Aquaman’s extensive history. They know that Aquaman is one of the most powerful beings in the DC universe. They have read the comic where he lifted a 100,000-ton cruise ship out of the ocean with his bare hands. They’ve seen the issue where Aquaman fights against the Green Lantern and totally whoops him without even trying. They also know that Aquaman doesn’t just talk to fish, he commands them. His psychic powers are so powerful that he can control the minds of an entire legion of underwater creatures to do his bidding. He can even use his telepathy on human beings to completely incapacitate them. And we haven’t even mentioned what he’s capable of with that trident of his!So, let’s get something straight about this premium Aquaman costume. It’s for those who KNOW.Product DetailsThe Aquaman costume comes with everything you need to transform into the iconic superhero from the comic books. The orange top has scale printing on it to recreate the look of Aquaman’s armor. The bottoms are bright green and stretch to fit. The green boot covers fit over most pairs of shoes to help add an authentic look. The matching green gloves make you look battle-ready. The yellow belt adds the finishing touch to the whole ensemble.Command the SeaWhen you wear this Aquaman costume, it’s your responsibility to show people just how awesome Aquaman is. Be sure to educate them on his complete array of skills and powers. You can even grab one of our trident accessories to complete the look. And when they ask you if you talk to fish, tell them no. You command them.