Marvel Black Panther Logo Duo Decal: Showcase Wakanda Pride

Represent Wakanda with the Marvel Black Panther Logo Duo Decal!


Pals with WakandaLooking to get in good with the people of Wakanda? You could try opening up a coffee shop in Birnin Zana. We hear that Dora Milaje has been craving a good chocolate latte. But you’d probably need The Black Panther’s permission to even enter the country. You could sneak in, like Ulysses Klaue… but things didn’t really end very well for him. Maybe you just need something a little bit more subtle to catch the eye of the Wakandan King. How about a cool decal? Everyone has to start somewhere!Product DetailsThis Marvel Black Panther Duo Decal comes with not 1, but 2 awesome decals. Both are printed on a clear material and work well on car windows, laptops, tablets, and more. One has Black Panther’s symbol on it, while the other has the superhero’s name in stylized lettering on the front. They’re officially licensed and they’re sure to let T’Challa know that you’re a supporter of Wakanda!Take NoteWe recommend using this decal on your car! That way, if The Black Panther catches sight of it while saving the world, he’ll take note of it. He might even let you swing on over to Wakanda for a while!