Marvel Ant-Man Adult Wasp Gloves: Accessorize Your Tiny Hero

Complete your super-heroine Wasp costume from the Marvel movie Ant-Man with this pair of adult black wasp costume gloves.


A WAY BETTER SUITWe don’t blame Hank Pym for putting a bit more work into his wife’s (and daughter’s) suit than he ever did for his own or for Scott’s Ant-Man look, but we’ve gotta wonder if he had to make the Wasp suit that much better! At first, we thought that maybe the Wasp could only shrink and that’s what evened out the power with Ant-Man. But, nope! Small or giant, Wasp also gets the ability to fly and even chuck out energy blasts from her gauntlets! PRODUCT DETAILSFeel even a fraction of the Wasp’s power when you wear these officially licensed Wasp Gloves. They’ve got the color and stylization of the Wasp’s look from the Marvel Cinematic Universe thanks to the printed graphics. Now, they might not have the attached energy blasters (or the rest of the suit for that matter), but you’ll know the might they represent!ALONE OR AS A WHOLE!Just like the Wasp, you can tackle adventures on your own or bring the whole horde together to deal with the problem. You can either suit up fully as the Wasp or you can just wear these awesome gloves for when you aren’t on a quantum realm-sized mission!