Manatee Kigurumi Costume

Not much is cuter than a manatee lounging around! This Manatee Kigurumi makes for a great Halloween costume or for a lazy day!


In First Row for Slow MoWhat munches on food half the day, evolved from elephants, and was the inspiration for the original little mermaid? Well, that’d be the sleepy yet magical manatee, of course! These slow-moving creatures know how to stop and smell the seagrass. They only move at three to five miles per hour so they literally cannot live a fast-paced lifestyle. Maybe you can pick up on some of these chill vibes when you’re dressing up in this manatee kigurumi. Go ahead and lay back, munch on some seaweed, and listen to your “sounds of the ocean” noise machine. Yeah, you might not be living life at breakneck speed but we think taking life slow can get pretty interesting!Product DetailsThis over-sized suit is a manatee version of the Japanese kigurumi that’s been taking the world by storm. The beautiful lightweight fleece is “porpoise-fully” oversized so you can throw clothes underneath, handy for when you need to jump from a meeting with your boss to a Halloween work party in an instant. The suit buttons up the front and has sleeves that fold over your hands to create flippers. The suit has sweet details like the pocket on the front with a plush piece of lettuce and an adorable sculpted manatee face attached to the hood. Sea What you can seaAre you ready to dive into your new nautical persona? Whether you’re dressing up for a costume party or event or you simply want something extremely adorable to wear around the house, this manatee costume will always be a favorite. That hula skirt had better move over because honestly can’t think of a better costume to wear to a tropical themed party. You’ll have plenty of room for pineapple pizza and coconut cream pie. What better way to indulge your inner manatee?