Majestic Dragon Animated Skeleton

Grab this Majestic Dragon Animated Skeleton to watch over your house on Halloween night. Featuring red eyes, and an evil head nod for some added terror.


Skeletal SummonsYou’ve always wanted a dragon. From the time you were little, every plush or plastic reptile could fly like the legendary beasts. And when you were lucky enough to adopt a gecko as a pet—your parents really required some reassurance that you’d keep it and its insect meals safe in its aquarium—you quickly named it Dragon.Now, as an adult, you’ve had enough with pretending and you’ve taken the steps toward keeping a real deal dragon around your house. Unfortunately, it appears something in your summoning went a little array and instead of a full-sized, scaled, mythical creature you’ve wound up with this equally wonderful, but creepier, Majestic Dragon Animated Skeleton.Product DetailsThe good news is, this animated fellow is a much better fit for an average home and they make a perfect “watch dog” during the Halloween season! In fact, this unique dragon pal may just be better than the big, gold-hoarding, monsters from lore. All you need to keep them happy, mobile, and their eyes burning bright red, are a few words of appreciation as soul-food (dragons thrive on compliments) and a cozy spot where they can show off their skeletal wings.Family PetDon’t just imagine being a dragon pet parent, live that fantasy by adding this animated dragon skeleton to your décor. Easy to care for and content to stand guard over your Halloween treats or home instead of a cave full of treasure, you’ll delight in this family addition!