Lock and Key Couples Costume

He’s got the key to her heart, and they’re wearing this Lock and Key Couples Costume to show the world how they feel!

Items Included
  • Dress Costume
  • Key Costume
  • 2 costume set
  • 100% polyester construction
  • Black tank dress fits sizes 4-10
  • Drawstring ties in rear to secure dress
  • Gold key applique on dress front
  • Gold key foam piece fits around neck
  • Key panel hangs down front


Show the world how much you and your significant other are in love with one another when you both go out on the town in this couples costume! Forget trying to scour the world wide web in order to find the perfect costumes that will go together. The two of you will literally complete one another when you dress up as a heart shaped Lock and golden Key. You won’t have to worry about unwarranted flirting from other party goers because as soon as they see your half of this couple’s costume they’ll know that your counterpart is close by and, if they are decent human being, respectfully leave you to be happy with your lover. When people want to ask how you two met, and you know they will, you can feel free to be as cheesy as you want and say something like, ‘his love was the only key to open my heart’ or ‘her heart was the only safe I ever dreamed of cracking and little did I know, I had the key all along’… maybe with a little time you can come up with something even cheesier! Remember the key to finding happiness is having someone you love beside you. Life is a journey and rather than worrying about where you’ll end up, just enjoy the ride and the company surrounding you along the way. Together you two can unlock a world of joy for one another! So grab this couples’ costume and don’t be afraid to be that lovey-dovey couple that everyone says makes them sick. After all, the world could always use a bit more love!