Kid’s Trolls Dreamy Cloud Guy Costume

We think that the Dreamy Cloud Guy is one of the most underrated characters in Trolls. He’s funny and is pinnacle to the story. Now with the Kid’s Trolls Dreamy Cloud Guy Costume you too can become him.


Look Out Below!Why stay in the sky when you could be an agent of chaos? The Trolls’ fluffy friend Cloud Guy knows that there is more to life than simply floating around. Instead of watching from above, you could be slapping high fives and pranking people! Branch might not agree, but the rest of the Trolls love the excitement of hanging out with their atmospheric friend.With his airy, breezy personality, Cloud Guy knows how to have fun – usually by causing as much mischief as he possibly can. Just don’t stand under him when he gets scared, or you’ll be in for a wet surprise!Design & DetailsYou’ll be the best thing in the air or on the ground when you wear your officially licensed, exclusive Child’s Trolls Dreamy Cloud Guy Costume! The oval tunic has top and side puffs full of fiberfill-stuffed pillows to give it the classic cloud shape. It goes over your head with a face opening for you to see where you’re floating. The chest of the tunic has Cloud Guy’s chill, smiling expression soft-sculpted and appliqued on the front. Wear it over the blue long-sleeved pullover shirt and the matching pants. The blue gloves have elongated foam fingers, perfect for waving from the sky. Add the asymmetrical “athletic sock” boot covers for some whimsical flair!Not Your Average RaincloudShow everyone your sense of fun in your Trolls Dreamy Cloud Guy getup! Cloud Guy’s antics may occasionally cause mayhem, but he is loved for a playful spirit. Everyone who sees you will know that fun is just around the corner!