Kids Spider-Man Far From Home Gloves: Spidey-Inspired Accessories

Fight Mysterio in your iconic Spider-Man costume, but don’t forget your spidey gloves. These Kids Spider-Man Far From Home Gloves are officially licensed and the perfect addition to your Spider-Man costume.


The Spidey PhaseIt’s pretty normal. Every child goes through a Spider-Man phase. During that phase, they pretend to crawl around the house as they defeat pretend supervillains. They learn every Spider-Man pose under the sun. They also pretend to shoot webs at anyone they come into contact with. The only thing they want more than real spider-powers is to be dressed from head to toe like their favorite Marvel superhero.Our advice? Indulge them. Encourage them to use their imagination. Before you know it, they’ll be out of the Spider-Man phase and you’ll wonder where the time went! That’s why we recommend gearing your little one up just like Spider-Man and their little superhero suit won’t be complete until they have these Spider-Man Far From Home Gloves.Product DetailsThese gloves come officially licensed from the Marvel film, Spider-Man: Far From Home. They’re made out of red polyester materials and they feature printed web detailing on them to match our Spider-Man costumes. They even have a faux web-shooter button on the palm! When your child puts these on, they’ll feel even more like their favorite superhero. Just make sure to get plenty of photos of your little one as Spider-Man, since you’ll want to have fond memories of the Spider-Man phase for years to come.